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John Aspland, owner and President of both Adirondack Plastics & Recycling, Inc. and Valley Plastics & Paper Recycling, Inc. began his venture into the recycling industry in 1991 after a discussion he had had with a long time friend and one of the first manufacturers of plastic lumber. Upon realizing the potential and untapped resources available in Upstate New York and within the New England states, Aspland soon found more product available in the region than his friend needed and began seeking customers both domestic and overseas.

Starting out with only 3 employees, Adirondack Plastics & Recycling, Inc. now employs over 26 people and occupies 110,000 square feet of warehousing. Adirondack Plastics & Recycling, Inc. processes millions of pounds of recycled plastic yearly and has the equipment capacity to process in excess of 1,500 tons of paper each month. We create for our customers, both national and worldwide, an individualized, cost-effective recycling program in order to best meet each company’s unique needs.

Building off of his success with Adirondack Plastics & Recycling, Inc. and utilizing his 20 plus years experience in the recycling industry, Aspland recently expanded to the Southwest starting a new company, Valley Plastics & Paper Recycling, Inc. in McAllen, TX. With the ability to procure and process materials from Mexico and Central America, John sees this as a great opportunity to provide an even broader range of recyclable materials to his customers throughout the United States and Abroad.

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